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A former Miss Wales beauty has swapped pageant gowns for doctors’ coats as she prepares to open her own medical ‘Beauty Lab’ in Cardiff

Since winning the national beauty pageant in 2007, Dr. Kelly Blaze graduated from Leicester Medical School and went on to qualify as a general practitioner, specialising in minor operations and muscular injections.

The 33-year-old went on to complete aesthetic training in advanced Botox and derma fillers and has since become known as ‘The Beauty Medic’.
The year I won Miss Wales, I was in my final year of medical school - so it was a bit of a crazy time in my life. I got my crown and my degree all in the matter of a month. I handed my crown over the following year and I started work at a hospital not long after.

Kelly specialised in female health and fitness and it was her pageant experience – which also saw her compete in Sanya China for the Miss World Crown – which encouraged her aesthetic eye to develop.

When I was competing in Miss Wales, one minute I would literally be in the library with my hair scraped back, glasses and tracksuit on, studying for medical exams - the next I would be dolling up in my fake lashes, tan, nails and tiara. My life was split into two polar opposites, but now I've found a way of bringing the two together.

Combining her medical qualifications with experience in the pageant world, Kelly launched her current aesthetic practise ‘The Beauty Medic’.

From her clinic in Leicester, she offers treatments such as anti-wrinkle Botox and Dermal Fillers, including lip enhancements and cheek augmentation.

But she’s now joining up with her two sisters to open their own company in Wales.

Kelly and her sisters Lauren and Kirsty Pesticcio will open a medical ‘Beauty Lab’ in Rhiwbina, Cardiff, which will specialise in beauty and skin treatments.

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